About Us

CUBIC COMPUTING, a unit of Swajyot Group, is an organisation synonymous with the best practices in IT & Communications Solutions & Products Distribution. We have developed the right Expertise & Knowhow to serve our Customers with the right Products & Solutions to meet their Computing needs.

Cubic is IT and software development company
At present fast paced market ambience, many firms cannot afford to make a wrong choice when selecting a development partner, software products is too important to trust to just anyone,
Cubic being a most trusted company; we determine a high quality of technical leadership, solid technical competence, a robust and transparent process, and a culture of shared ownership and responsibility.

Cubic services group helps your business organization device industry attentive and best practice based approaches to improve software quality and productivity , we make a difference which sets the Cubic service group apart from other service groups is the expertise in complex testing environment and focus on mentoring clients for self-sufficiency while helping them establish repeatable software development and testing processes. We provide top notch IT and software development Services by using latest technologies that are out there, we prefer experts rather than Jack of all trades

Presently we serve customers in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Eastern Europe & the Middle Eastern Countries.

Our Strengths

  • Our Professional Team.
  • Our Partnerships with Global Technology Leaders.
  • Our Satisfied Customers who have kept us in Business for over 12 years.
  • Our Belief in the WIN - WIN - WIN formula.


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