Web Design Development


Cubic Web Development Services help you harness the potential of the Web by defining designing and building applications tailored to meet your business requirements.

Our expertise spans the most common technology platforms such as JEE, .NET, Open Source (LAMP stack), etc., for building scalable, feature-rich Web applications. Our long-standing alliances with leading technology partners such as IBM, Apple, Redhat, Microsoft and others allow us to participate in several “Early Adoption Programs” that make us a partner of choice for companies trying to leverage new technologies for Web Application Development.

At Cubic, we believe that the products we generate are the starting point, to the endpoint. A product that doesn’t push the limits of business isn’t what we are looking to build, we treat the web as an extension o mobile and not the other way around, we had few clients who were happy and asked us to design a product that users love all over the world and we did take the challenge head-on.


Cubic has a view where the highpoint of our product design and development service: we help you see what you can’t, we have been down this road and have seen hundreds of digital projects from concepts to launch, our goal is to not only turn your vision in to reality but to guide you with the best practices along the way.



Cubic has a design team who are much passionate about building simply amazing digital products that push the restrictions of technology. Whether you're going all in on a digital platform or looking to test the market or viability of a product concept.


E-Commerce Application Development

  • End-to-end services including architecture, design, development, testing, deployment, hosting and support
  • Designing of Service-Oriented Architecture i.e. SOA-enabled applications for ease of integration and maintainability
  • Re-usable components for rapid development of Web Applications
  • Iterative approach to Web Application Development

Application Integration

  • Integrating Web Applications with multiple legacy systems in an enterprise Multiple approaches to integrate applications – Application Programming
  • Interface (API), message-oriented middleware or Web services-based integration

Rich Internet Application (RIA) Enablement

  1. Expertise in multiple technology platforms for RIA – Adobe Flex, Microsoft Silverlight, Curl, AJAX, ExtJS, etc.
  2. En-RICH – proven framework for Web 2.0 enablement Experience of facilitating enterprises and product companies adopt RIA
  3. Capabilities, including interactive UI, mapping, mash-ups, RSS and other social networking concepts.


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