Enterprise Security

Data security is a major issue for businesses and organizations today. Ensuring that your data is secure is becoming more important every day and vital to business operations.

Defending your enterprise from cyber threats has never been so challenging. The rise of sophisticated new targeted attacks poses a clear risk, and the rate of change continues to accelerate, with new attacks, malware variants and vulnerabilities emerging every day. Is your organization keeping pace? We serve our customers to secure their important data/information to meet their objectives and organizations goals.

Our Partnership with Check Point Software Technologies, Symantec, CA Technologies are best solutions to secure your data all the time.

Key Advantages:

  • Flexible Coverage at a Predictable Cost
  • Secure your business against advanced threats and targeted attacks.
  • Provide data loss prevention (DLP) with inbound and outbound protection.
  • In addition to enhancing your security posture and enabling significant cost savings, Symantec MSS offer a predictable cost structure that facilitates operational planning. Symantec MSS can be quickly deployed, ensuring your business rapidly benefits from a world class security capability with global, 24x7 coverage and strict service level agreements. Even as new threats emerge you can be confident you are protected and your security operations budget will not be impacted.

Our Data Security solutions are focused on four key areas:

Enterprise Backup: In heterogeneous storage environments where data is spread out over multiple servers, disk arrays and tape devices, mass data backup and storage is especially challenging. Cubic can help you integrate new backup technologies into your existing systems to shorten backup windows, decrease the need for storage, and increase Data Storage & Backup .

Data Archiving: As organizations strive to better manage data growth and regulatory compliance, there’s an unprecedented demand, not only for secure long-term preservation and retention of digital content, but also for ready access to that content whenever it is needed.Cubic provides data archiving solutions that make it possible to securely store yet quickly access data – capabilities that are imperative in today’s fast-paced and increasingly regulated environment.

Enterprise Storage & Virtualization: Increasing data and escalating storage demands challenge you to manage capacity, access, and 24/7 operations - while maintaining tight IT budgets.A well-designed enterprise storage system enables companies to manage, grow, protect, and access data efficiently.Whether it is SAN, NAS, or a virtualized environment, Cubic offers products to reduce storage administration while allowing more efficient provisioning of your resources.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning: Using technologies like remote data replication, continuous Data Security, time marks and snapshotting software, Cubic Resources can guide you in complete business continuity and disaster recovery planning, with a practical methodology to minimize loss, expedite data recovery, and maximize Data Storage & Backup across distances and platforms.

Key Benefits of Symantec end point protection

Unrivaled Security

Today’s complicated threat landscape requires sophisticated protection from large-scale malware to the most targeted attacks. Only Symantec uses Insight, with the collective wisdom of 200+ million systems in over 200 countries to identify and create a security rating for every file accessed through the internet. This superior reputation technology is combined with network, behavior, file and repair layers of defense to provide unrivaled security against known, and unknown, threats.

Blazing Performance

In today’s global business environment, every second counts. Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.4 has replaced traditional scanning of every file with scan elimination and de-duplication through Virtual Image Exception and Shared Insight Cache, and access to the largest Global Intelligence Network to reduce scan times and provide the fastest performance available. Quite simply, files known to be good can be skipped, causing Endpoint Protection to scan faster and smarter.

Built for Virtual Environments

Symantec integrates with VMware vShield Endpoint and has been optimized to secure your high-density business critical environments with the effectiveness you need and the performance you demand.


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